We are a full-service land surveying and engineering firm serving southeastern PA and Delaware.

We use the latest technology to provide the most efficient and cost effective services to our clients.

  • Boundary Survey and Property Survey

    Boundary/Property Survey

    A boundary retracement survey re-establishes the corners and boundary lines of an existing tract of land. Before a tract of land can be subdivided, its corners and boundary lines must be re-established.

  • Topographic Survey

    Topographic Survey

    A topographic survey locates man-made and natural features such as buildings, curb, driveways, trees, streams, ground elevation, etc.

  • Existing Features Plan

    Existing Features Plan

    Plan depicting field located data of property and topographic surveys.

  • Construction Layout Services

    Construction Layout Services

    Staking points on the ground for the purposes of constructing roads, buildings, stormwater facilities, etc. according to approved plans.

  • Subdivision Survey Plan


    Services for the purpose of dividing land into two or more separate lots. Typically involves deed research, boundary and topographic survey and plans.

  • icon-machine-ruler-as-built-survey

    As-Built Survey

    Provide locations and elevations of site improvements to verify they were built as planned.

  • icon-drone

    Photogrammetric Control/Aerial Photo Control Surveys

    Precise location, both for horizontal position and elevation of points for use in mapping of aerial photographs, construction staking, environmental monitoring and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

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    ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

    Surveys requiring minimum standards for the purpose of insuring title to real property.

  • Flood Elevation Certification

    Flood Elevation Certification

    Provide field survey information as required to fill out and provide certification for an Elevation Certificate and Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) & Loma Requests.

  • Certificate

    Legal Description

    Provides a written "metes and bounds" description of a given parcel of land that would then be incorporated into a deed, mortgage or title insurance policy

  • Preparation of Deed Descriptions

    Preparation of Deed Descriptions

    Provides essential details about the piece of property represented by the deed, including its dimensions, improvements, location, land area and relation to adjacent properties.

  • Easement and Right-of-Way Investigations

    Easement and Right-of-Way Investigations

    Combining research of land records with a physical property inspection, we will identify any existing easements associated with the land, along with any structures on the property that are present as a result of easements

  • 3D & CAD Services

    3D Modeling & CAD Services

    Having a 3D model with survey-grade accuracy can be a huge asset for engineering projects.